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1.  Can you provide this service anywhere in world? 

  • Yes, our strategic partnerships allow us to provide a cost effective and hassle free supply worldwide 


2. Can the Sterikerb team handle the whole process including the install for me? 

  • Yes, our team of experts are equipped to specify, supply and install worldwide. 


3. Will Sterikerb work in any room layout.  

  • Our system has prefabricated corners and end stops which integrate with the straight sections to make a perfect fit for any layout. 


4. How many colour options do the kerbs come in?

  • Our Kerbs come in a vast range of colours that cover most needs. 


5. Can I install the kerbs myself? 

  • Yes, we have a step by step installation guide and technicians on call ready to assist.


6. How do I know which kerbs I will need? 

  • The expert Sterikerb design team will assess the application of the area and give you a specification best suited to your needs. Drawings of the area are required or we can assist with drawings if required. 


7. Can the kerbs be installed on any surface? 

  • Yes, most surfaces are suitable, these include iso panel, drywalling, brick etc as it is weight-bearing on the floor mostly. 

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